Delightful Nutrition

The longer I practice medicine the more I understand that many of the common diseases are caused by poor nutrition. Since eating good food is delightful, why would this ever be a problem?

There are two main reasons this has become a critical issue both for your own health and for the future security of our nation. The first is that we do not have the time to find cook and prepare a variety of healthful foods. You need 5-8 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. The more colorful, the better. If you have cereal, a sandwich and a meat and potato dinner, you are barely getting one serving each day! The second reason is the difficulty in finding good quality fruits and vegetables. The sad fact is that much of our produce is transported more than 1500 miles before it arrives at the produce section of our supermarket. Every day out of the field and every processing procedure deprives it of vital nutrients. If you have ever travelled to Asia, you will appreciate the lively taste and freshness of the local foods. They shop daily for fresh produce that was in the ground just yesterday, and avoid refrigeration and eating leftovers. They feel that storage and processing deprive food of its essential vitality and nutritional value.

Clearly, we all want the best food and the best health. Sourcing more of your food fresh and local is a big step forward. There are more farmers markets every day. This gives you the freshest produce as well as the chance to meet and befriend your local farmer. Take a look at the Links section for markets in our area. When you support your local farmer, you create a local and resilient community. You are not dependent on distant supply lines for your daily sustenance. You are sustained and cared for by local producers who know their land and who also know you. Food is a commodity in our culture, but buying fresh and local gives this commodity a warmth and grace that it really does deserve.