Need some good news?

Have you thought about taking a news holiday just to give yourself a rest?  There is plenty of distressing news every evening, but there are also a lot of very good things happening that are not reported.  We face a time of great crisis and also great opportunity.  Since it can be hard to keep your sense of perspective,  I have collected some positive news events. If you are looking for the news on what is working, try reading Ode Magazine ( or Yes! (  You can look at the National Women’s History Museum ( on the web. Right now they are only on the internet, but plan to purchase land near the National Mall in the near future.  Their internet site holds inspiring stories of women’s lives, not told in the usual classrooms.  If you like food and farming, you might consider going to the annual Bioneers ( meeting held every October in Marin County.  Food always makes us feel content.  We have several community supported agriculture (CSA) groups and farmer’s markets on the peninsula.  Check out the Links page for contact information.  We also have The Happy Girl Kitchen in the old Granary building which gives canning classes and sells organic foods and canning supplies.  Of course, I spend most of my time helping people through Tai Chi. Take a look at the stories on our main website, Click on the Newsletter tab to read some great personal stories and get a few jokes from our Community president, Bob McBrien.

In times of great change we have our community, our friends, family and our animal companions to see us through. And a little humor never hurts.