Critical Health Insurance Issues

Womanswellspring exited the insurance world January 1, 2010. We set fair rates for our services and patients pay at the time of service. We charge $210.00 for a new 30 minute visit and $190.00 for a return 30 minute visit. Medicare patients get a discount. Short follow ups and procedures are based on time at about $4.00 a minute plus supply costs. It is only fair for you to know your financial obligation openly and before you accept the service. Such is not the case with most insurance companies. Not only is it not clear what your financial obligation will be before you accept the service, it is even more unclear what rate you will be charged for the privilege of having health insurance.

Well, there is good news and you can take action. Dave Jones, the Insurance Commissioner for the entire state of California was in town April 12th, 2012. He made it clear that he has the power to regulate the rate increases of most insurance types, such as homeowners, but not health insurance. This was deliberately left out of the bill establishing the Insurance Commissioner’s powers in the 1980’s. Health insurance rates in California increased 153% over the last ten years which is five times the rate of inflation. There is an initiative to make health insurance companies justify their rates. They will need 500,000 signatures by May 1st to place this on the November Ballot. Please consider helping by adding your signature to the petition at or contact or 916-251-6538. Follow the instructions on the second page and sign as yourself and the circulator since it is a single page. Mail to Consumer Watchdog Campaign, PO Box 5547, Santa Monica, CA 90409-5547.