Tenth Annual Tai Chi for Health Workshop

Our Tenth Tai Chi for Health Workshop took place June 11-17, 2012 in Memphis, Tennessee. We had 172 participants taking week long trainings in many Tai Chi forms including the Sun 73 , Yang 24 and 40 Form, Combined 42 Form, Chen Styles, fan and sword forms as well as push hands. It was an outstanding success and the participants made great strides in their personal Tai Chi Chuan. With the Tuesday night Talent Show and Social dinner, great fun was had by all. The week long workshop is a special opportunity to close out the world and its distractions and concentrate on developing your Tai Chi. Our final demonstration was a record for us, with 159 persons performing the Sun 73 Competition form outside in the natural world.  

If you missed this opportunity, the next week long workshop will be in Connecticut in June 2013. But you do not have to wait until then. Our special Master Trainer, Sifu Dan Jones, will be coming to Pacific Grove, California, January 2013 for a weekend workshop in Silk Reeling. Silk Reeling is a foundational practice for Tai Chi that is usually only taught to advanced students. Dan has a gift for teaching this difficult material, and this workshop is appropriate for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. Numbers will be limited to insure quality, so let Dr. Taylor know as soon as you are able. You can leave a message at 831-622-1994  or email Dr. Taylor using the website link. We look forward to seeing you in January for learning and fun. Come on out and play Tai Chi!