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Educational Programs

Our classes are for men, women and families. In the past mothers and daughters, husbands and wives have attended. It is much more fun to bring a partner or friend and have the opportunity to practice together between classes and discuss what you have learned.

To Educate the Mind

Are you interested in learning more about health?

Dr. Taylor will offer quarterly free one hour lectures on preventive medicine. Dr. Taylor will speak for 40 minutes and leave ample time for questions.

Find current schedule and details here.

To Experience the Body

Would you like to learn Tai Chi, a graceful art often called a Moving Meditation?

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that is also widely practice for health benefits. More than 100 research articles are published every year on the health benefits of Tai Chi. Tai Chi can benefit many medical conditions, as well as improving overall immunity and lifting one’s spirits. Tai Chi is highly effective in fall prevention.

Tai Chi is a similar to walking and can also be practiced in a seated position. This makes it a suitable exercise for just about everyone. Dr. Taylor is a Master Trainer in Tai Chi for Health and teaches at workshops in the USA and in Australia. She also gives regular classes locally on Saturday morning. Call Jane at 831-622-1995 or e-mail us to enroll.

We offer classes for beginner to intermediate students in Yang Style 24 Form and Sun Style 73 Form. Yang style is the most popular form and is practiced world wide. It is a gentle and flowing style that is relatively easy to learn and practice. Sun Style is more recent, and is incorporates more Qi Gong or energy movements. It was developed specifically to increase health. Research shows that regular Tai Chi practice increases strength, flexibility and balance, and prevents falls. There are also improvements in blood pressure and cardio respiratory function. Tai Chi is often called a “Moving Meditation” and regular practice confers a serenity of spirit. Classes are designed for logical, sequential learning and are relaxed and fun. Tai Chi is appropriate for almost any age.

If you are interested in a more in depth experience, look at our annual summer workshop

See schedule of classes, HERE.