A New Model of Health Care


A Wellspring for Our Community Renewing Mind, Body and Spirit From Stephanie Taylor, M.D., Ph.D.


True wellness and deep healing is more than the application of a pill to a diagnosis. I have pioneered a new approach to healthcare that is based on personal and community wellness. Here is what this means:

The first community is you. Each person is a composite of their own life experiences and their own circle of support. Every factor needs to be evaluated to develop a picture of the whole person. Each element can then be recruited into the healing process.

The second community is where you live. The majority of public health research shows that the health of individuals is not separate from the health of the community. We have an obligation to ourselves to care for our community. This means taking the ecological initiative and also supporting the small businesses that are based in our community, especially our local farmers. Over time the community that you care for will also care for you.

The center of the program is the office visit. We offer 30 and 60 minute patient visits. This gives us enough time to really get to know you. The relationship does not end at the office visit. You will enter a supportive community linked by regular newsletters and educational programs. You will have the opportunity to re-discover yourself and the joys of living on the Monterey Peninsula. Visit Medical Program and Educational Program and see how this unique holistic program can benefit you and assist you in achieving your life’s purpose.

    Mini-Medical School #6 2015

    Sharon Farr was our most wonderful guest speaker for the final Mini-Med session of 2014. Sharon is the founder of Partners for Transitions, offering “planning, guidance and partnership for aging, illness and end of life planning”. Although end of life “planning” evokes images of yet another dull domestic chore, Sharon Farr brilliantly infused her talk with spirit and living memory from her decades of experience.


    Nutrition and Cancer Prevention

    Mini-Medical School #3 Nutrition and Cancer

    Stephanie Taylor MD PhD
    August 2, 2014

    “Eat as if your life mattered”-Rachel Naomi Remen MD

    A definition of Cancer: A cell becomes a cancer when it shows unregulated cell growth and the ability to colonize other tissues.

    Thinking about the causes of Cancer: Cancer risk increases in several general situations: inadequate nutrition, over nutrition, lack of activity and rust (oxidation).


    Letters to the White House on Obamacare

    There is a great deal of political "conversation" about Obamacare and we at Woman"s Wellspring have hosted two seminars on the topic.

    Reliable information is essential, but I know you will like these Letters on Obamacare which were gratefully sent to the White House and passed on through www.whitehouse.gov.  Their email is copied below.


    Insurance Shopping Tips

    We are getting many questions about the new Covered California website. Several of you have received notices that your insurance will be cancelled at the end of  2013 and you are starting to shop for a new policy.


    Mini Medical School#4-Herbs

    Mini-Medical School #4, August 3, 2013

    Herbs for Aging by Michele C. Kennedy

    (Summary by Dr. Stephanie Taylor)

    Michele gave an authoritative tour de force of plant medicine from both the Chinese and Western Medical Traditions. Michele is a highly skilled herbalist with more than twenty years of teaching experience.