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Medical Program

Medical Program

The centerpiece of the program is the visit to the office for the annual exam.

We offer you 30 or 60 minute visits. Follow-up visits for established patients for brief issues are 5 to 15 minutes. We also are happy to offer individual consultations and second opinions.

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A comprehensive visit includes an interview, physical exam, a final consultation and treatment planning. Dr. Taylor’s years of experience brings a special focus and skill to the office visit. In addition to completing your annual exam, Dr. Taylor will order preventive medical tests, such as mammography, bone scanning and blood tests. Advanced and individualized blood testing is available. In addition to the best of current medical technology, Dr. Taylor is also skilled in complementary medicine.

Complementary Medicine

Complementary medicine integrates traditional, western based medicine with other healing modalities. An example would be the treatment of hypertension, which is usually treated with medication. An integrated approach would also address lifestyle, such as diet and exercise, as well as explore appropriate herbal therapies, biofeedback and relaxation exercises.

The best solutions to the problem can be developed within the office visit. Supplements and herbal medicines are a regular feature of our treatment plan. We use the best quality manufacturers who participate in “Good Manufacturing Practice” and prepare their product in a pharmaceutical grade facility. We also refer to skilled community practitioners of other medical disciplines to offer a comprehensive holistic program.

Ongoing support during the year is provided by our Educational Programs and our newsletter (signup, right or below).


We do not accept any insurance. We find that paying for your visit at the time of service allows us to spend more time with you instead of your insurance company. This is not as expensive as you would expect. For example, the cost of a full annual exam averaged over one year is only $20 per month. We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. We heartily support the use of Health Savings Accounts and HSA compatible insurance plans. You can find out more about HSA plans by clicking HERE. This allows you the most choice in healthcare at the least cost and is a solution that is available now.


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