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Medical Cooperative

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Medical Cooperative

At A Woman’s Wellspring, patient-focused gynecologist, Stephanie Taylor, MD, PhD, has created her own unique medical cooperative to give her patients highly personalized one-on-one medical care for a very reasonable cost.

All appointments are scheduled for an hour and provide truly comprehensive care. If you’ve always wished for a primary care provider who makes you feel like a priority without rushing you out the door, call our Carmel, California office. Established patients can also book appointments online.  New patients will need a personal practice orientation .

Medical Cooperative Q & A

What is a medical cooperative? 

With a medical cooperative, community members support the practice through annual membership plans. Dr. Taylor is committed to providing the most in-depth personalized medical care for the members of the Carmel community, and the medical cooperative plan allows her to do exactly that.

How is a medical cooperative different from concierge medicine? 

The medical cooperative is a direct-to-physician payment plan. There’s no corporation, private equity firm, or insurance company standing between you and Dr. Taylor, consequently, we can offer lower fees. 

Concierge medicine practices also charge annual fees, however, Dr. Taylor charges a fraction of the typical concierge medicine model, and she provides comparable services.

What does membership in a medicinal cooperative give me?

You pay an annual fee, which supports:

Longer office visits

The office visits at A Woman’s Wellspring are a full hour long. This is generally double or triple the length of time that other medical providers spend with their patients. 

Educational outreach

Educational outreach is one of Dr. Taylor’s passions, and she loves sharing in-depth health information through her online Mini-Medical school and Newsletter. You get access to both with your annual fee. 

She goes well beyond the standard sound bites to provide detailed science-backed information in an interactive environment where members feel truly welcome.

Dr. Taylor’s past topics for Mini-Medical School include forensic genetics, stress management and preventing cognitive decline, to name a few. Plan members will get to choose upcoming topics in an annual survey.

Our Mini-Meds explore the most important medical advances, and on more than one occasion, have broken a story before the news media!

The annual fee doesn’t include office visits, telehealth, lab testing, or radiology services, but lab and radiology services are billed to your insurance provider. You will be offered a "Superbill" for the office visit that you can file with your private insurance for reimbursment. Unfortunately, this is not an option for Medicare insurance. 

At A Woman’s Wellspring, Dr. Taylor believes that medical care shouldn’t revolve around efficiency. It should be about caring for the whole patient in a considerate, supportive, and in-depth way. If that sounds great to you, book your consultation with Dr. Taylor via online scheduling or call the office today.