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A New Model of Health Care

A Wellspring for Our Community

Renewing Mind, Body and Spirit

From Stephanie Taylor, M.D., Ph.D.

Social Distancing Protocol

in the time of COVID-19

Telehealth (phone consults) are encouraged during this time.
Call 831 622 1995 to schedule your consultation.

If you prefer an in-office visit, we are proactively applying all safety precautions recommended by state and county health departments. In addition to these guidelines, we have added the following: only one patient will be in the office at any one time, and all high touch surfaces are cleaned between patients. Full precautions are posted at our entry.

Preventive medicine visits, annual exams, as well as emergencies are considered “essential” by the health department. We are here to protect your health, and will do our utmost to keep you safe.

“True wellness and deep healing is more than the application of a pill to a diagnosis. I have pioneered a new approach to healthcare that is based on personal and community wellness.

Here is what this means:

The first community is you.

Each person is a composite of their own life experiences and their own circle of support. Every factor needs to be evaluated to develop a picture of the whole person. Each element can then be recruited into the healing process.

The second community is where you live.

The majority of public health research shows that the health of individuals is not separate from the health of the community. We have an obligation to ourselves to care for our community. This means taking the ecological initiative and also supporting the small businesses that are based in our community, especially our local farmers. Over time the community that you care for will also care for you.

The center of the program is the office visit.

We offer 30 and 60 minute patient visits. This gives us enough time to really get to know you. The relationship does not end at the office visit. You will enter a supportive community linked by regular newsletters and educational programs. You will have the opportunity to re-discover yourself and the joys of living on the Monterey Peninsula. See how this unique holistic program can benefit you and assist you in achieving your life’s purpose.


Have you ever felt rushed in a medical appointment?

Do you ever feel that the rush to efficiency is leaving your humanity behind?

If so you will appreciate our initiative to slow down the medical office visit.

I would like to introduce you to the Slow Doc and the Slow Doc Initiative.


“Dr. Taylor is exceptional. She is an expert in the field of women’s health and health care in general. She is current on the latest studies and is herself a fountain of knowledge on medicine in both western and eastern traditions. An appointment with her is not only an exam but a learning experience on issues of health and well being.”

“She runs a wonderful office, where helpfulness, calm and civility reign.”

“Always satisfied. I refer friends regularly. I feel like Dr. Taylor gives outstanding service combined with understanding and compassion for both health and life challenges.”

“Unlike other doctor offices, Dr. Taylor’s office is a very calm and reassuring place. It sets the tone for the entire visit when Dr. Taylor herself greets you in the reception area and walks you back to the exam room. I never feel rushed and nothing ever feels too trivial to mention. I really feel listened to and taken care of.”

Mini Medical School

Reports on Mini Medical School presentations on current health and well-being.

Tai Chi classes

Classes in a graceful art often called a Moving Meditation that is also widely practiced for health benefits.

Meet Dr. Taylor

Dr. Taylor grew up surrounded by Nature.

The information on this website is not to be used a medical advice. The content is intended as educational and informative. Personal health problems are best addressed with your personal physician. The best medical treatment occurs in relationship. See more about this in “Slow Doc”.

If you have a medical emergency,
please call 911.

Use your own good judgment in dealing with any merchants or associations linked to this website. These sites are chosen for their commitment to the common good, but Stephanie Taylor cannot indemnify (or take responsibility for) problems with others’ actions.


Tai Chi Classes
Mini Medical School