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Primary Care

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Primary Care

Primary care and women’s health care come together at A Woman’s Wellspring. With more than 30 years as an OB/GYN and primary care specialist, Stephanie Taylor, MD, PhD, has developed a unique approach to medical care for women in and around the Carmel, California, community. Members of the medical cooperative a patient-supported medical program get access to a highly personalized and in-depth type of primary care. Call the office or click the online scheduler to arrange your consultation now.

Primary Care Q & A

What is primary care?

Primary care is medical care that’s delivered and coordinated by one provider or medical practice. So, your primary care provider is the person you go to for annual checkups as well as individual issues, like sudden illness. 

At A Woman’s Wellspring, Dr. Taylor provides unique primary care with an emphasis on personalization, support, unhurried medical care, and long-term wellness. The practice offers a medical care plan composed of an annual fee, and then office visits are billed as they occur. 

Membership in the medical cooperative gives you access to Dr. Taylor’s unique style of primary care, with appointments lasting an entire hour versus the 20-30 minutes (maximum) that you’ll get at other medical care practices. 

What happens during primary care appointments?

The annual exam is the centerpiece of primary care at A Woman’s Wellspring. The three main aspects of the annual exam are:


Your interview is a chance to talk to Dr. Taylor in an unhurried fashion. She asks questions about your physical and mental health, lifestyle, goals, and unique needs to better understand what you need as a patient. Dr. Taylor is an active listener who makes patients feel comfortable and supported.

Physical exam

Your physical exam covers both general and reproductive health. It includes a general physical exam as well as a pelvic exam. You’ll typically have a Pap smear (based on your individual cervical cancer screening needs) during the exam. Dr. Taylor may order a mammogram, blood tests, or other types of screening tests based on your age and individual needs.

Treatment planning 

During treatment planning, you’ll discuss your goals and how you can reach them, and Dr. Taylor recommends preventive health methods. 

Dr. Taylor has many years of experience in both traditional and complementary medicine, so she often treats health problems using both. For example, you might need medication for a chronic condition, but you can also use other natural methods to improve your health. 

What if I need medical care outside of my annual exams?

If you need treatment, supportive counseling, or other medical care outside your annual exams, Dr. Taylor is here for you as your primary care provider and will additionally make appropriare referrals to specialists. As a member of the medical cooperative, you can rest assured that there’s always time to talk to Dr. Taylor and get the help you need. 

Call A Woman’s Wellspring or book your consultation using the online feature for compassionate, personalized primary care today.