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Women's Health

Women’s health care should be personalized, detail-oriented, and supportive. At A Woman’s Wellspring, experienced OB/GYN Stephanie Taylor, MD, PhD, has provided that type of care for more than three decades in the Carmel, California, area. Through her unique medical cooperative, women get both women’s health and primary care with an emphasis on their personal needs and goals. Call the office or click online scheduling to arrange your appointment now. 

Women's Health Q & A

What is women’s health care?

Women’s health care focuses on the reproductive health of women through every stage of their life. Whether you’re in your 20s, 60s, or at another point in your adult life, you need women’s health care to make sure you stay healthy, prevent serious diseases like cervical cancer and breast cancer, and navigate difficulties in the best way possible. 

At A Woman’s Wellspring, women’s health care is just one aspect of the customized medical care you get through the practice’s medical program. Through this program, your women’s health and primary care needs can all be managed by Dr. Taylor. Visits last a full hour, allowing plenty of time to get whatever care you need. 

What does women’s health care include?

Women’s health care includes:

  • Pap smear with cervical cancer screening
  • Ordering of mammograms (breast cancer screening)
  • Ordering of bone scans (osteoporosis screening)
  • Ordering of blood tests, including advanced and specialized ones based on need
  • Menopause support
  • Supportive counseling for anxiety, depression, and other challenges
  • Birth control counseling and family planning 

Dr. Taylor uses a holistic approach in which she treats you as a whole person, so women’s health and primary care are intertwined at A Woman’s Wellspring. Your care also includes general health care, education about your health needs, and treatment planning. 

With her advanced traditional and complementary medicine skills, Dr. Taylor has a unique approach to medical care. She gives you the best of both worlds, with prescription medication and other traditional care as needed, alongside natural options like pharmaceutical-grade supplements, nutrition counseling, relaxation exercises, and tai chi chuan.

How often do I need women’s health care?

In general, Dr. Taylor recommends well-woman checkups once a year, and more often to manage a specific medical concern. Your annual appointments aren’t like those at other women’s health providers, though. They’re far more in-depth. 

Women’s health care is an art, and it’s treated as such at A Woman’s Wellspring. Dr. Taylor is a practitioner of the slow medicine movement. Essentially, this means that she takes her time with each patient and has deliberately scheduled fewer patients to provide every woman this unhurried care. 

When you leave your annual appointment, you’ll feel empowered and well-equipped to take control of your health and happiness. Follow-ups and other appointments are also available if you develop a new problem or concern in between your annual women’s wellness visits.

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